My focus:

Seeking new opportunities to apply my skills and experience as an IT Architect, Enterprise Architect, or in a hands-on technical role.  The ideal position will involve working remotely, with less than 20% travel.

Key skills:

  • SOA Governance Adoption
  • Organizational change
  • Enterprise and application architecture
  • Deep technical skills involving IBM WebSphere products
  • Development process auditing and improvement
  • Technical problem solving
  • “Crit-Sit” or Crisis management
  • Knowledge management and database design


  • 15 years of experience, primarily focused on the banking and financial services industry.  I’ve also worked extensively in the telecom and manufacturing industries.
  • Consulting work as an IT Architect, Enterprise Architect and Organizational change expert
  • Software product development and innovation
  • Assessment of large IT organizations


  • cell:  704-244-1024
  • Bruce@BruceBuscher.com

Resume: bbuscher_resume 170523