Knowledge Management of unstructured data is my passion.  This present age has been called the information age.  We are producing petabytes of data every day.  We have over 30 billion webpages, emails, SMS text messages, Instant Messaging, and so much more.  Most of this data isn’t contained in a database management system for easy access.  It is stored in a heap on remote servers, on our laptops, or in our smart phones.

This simply should not be!  All this information is available to us but how much of it can we really leverage and use?  Today, the most sophisticated interface we have for finding the information we need consists of a textbox and button.  We are invited to enter the keywords and push the button.  Is this really the best we can do?

I must voice a resounding “NO!”  There are much more sophisticated approaches to managing unstructured data.  I’m currently working on a prototype of just such a system.  If you are interested in the topic or in working with me to summon the future of knowledge management please contact me.